what beauty will save the world?
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot




  r e n c h a n t d   nervous system


entangled in old, obsolete forms

a heavy, charged, opaque, frozen fabric
a heavy, suffocating feeling


the origine
the past
places, people

© Imgur


the links forged
family, friends, intimate relationships
loyalty, guilt

  © galactic parent


la filiation
attachments, projections
identifications and rejections
morality, religion, spirituality
the implicit

  © Erick Oh


the couple, the flatmates, the tribe, the family
being, living together?

 © Malika Favre


making a commitment
formalising, stabilising ties

union? marriage?
how? what forms?
what’s agreed and what’s not
to have a child or not?

  © www.klaas.be


ascendants, descendants
growth and decline
death and dying

    © Photofunky



all so muddled and confused


an urgent need to reinvigorate the fabric, a necessity!
to reactivate it, to recirculate the sap, to make it more fluid

a return to Life!


give it some slack
a relaxation, an abandonment, a laissez-faire that revives anaesthetised, necrotic, forgotten tissues

our nervous system suddenly reconnected to everything
a dazzling activation that brings us back to Life


  © Jean Mallard


in the background: the presence of beauty


it’s everywhere
fresh, ephemeral, timeless

it gives space, scope, air
it reconnects with the simple, the obvious
it settles, rests and provides a foundation


Arvo Pärt, Lamentate solitudine-stato d’animo


its power of attraction lifts the veil

Life is there, vibrant !


© Jean Mallard