Sedna in Gemini

artificial intelligence   vs   universal consciousness


Sedna has been in the sign of Gemini since 27 April 2024 (after a brief incursion in 2023), and will remain there until 2068

twenty years after its discovery (Sedna was in Taurus at the time), the potential revealed by the planet’s very high frequencies has yet to be discovered
with an orbit spanning 12,000 years, the planet remains in one sign for a very long time, and changing sign brings with it major and unprecedented changes

when the Sun enters Gemini on 20 May 2024, it encounters Sedna, with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury following in the following weeks: each of these transits represents a decisive update in our vibratory field

a figure from Inuit mythology, Sedna is the mother of the oceans, her story a creation myth
as we familiarise ourselves with her vibratory field

  • what openings and developments for our human consciousness ?
  • what are the manifestations in our multi-dimensional reality?


this is an astro weather report !
it gives an overview of the sky since the end of April with the transits in progress
the following themes are addressed

  • reconfiguration of the nervous system and cognitive apparatus
  • mental recycling and new creation
  • from perception to realisation: indefiniteness, multiplicity and relativity


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