living as part of a network : a way of living 


new forms
light fluid mutable adaptable


subtle geometry
integrative evolutive global


a singular and plural way of being together : united and different
involvement sharing community partnership

everything is possible, except what we think is impossible 

clarity, signs, impulse, momentum arise from within
individual commitment, everyone is responsible for who they are and what they do


change of perspective
coming back to oneself as a prerequisite to expanding and opening
being in touch with oneself is essential to get in touch with somebody else


attunement exchange fluidity


        i am new every day

                 not alone at all

       sharing without words


             being rather than doing

               centring and communication

     everything becomes easier


spontaneous co-creation in the now
subtle energetic movements
anchoring, alignment, zero point, vision, intention
manifestation = the perfection of the moment (it keeps changing)



a glimpse of a network of light, a 5D workshop held in Locarno, Switzerland on 12-13 october 2019

when you are pure light, you shine and your light illuminates all around you
when several lights shine together, their common light is much stronger and illuminates a multiplied space
a network of light can rise darkness, negativity, stagnation etc. to the frequency of One and recreate the integrity and harmony of the Whole
you are conditioned by the living patterns of the past until you make another choice
but when you choose light, you take part in the network of light and become a co-creator of your and the collective reality