today’s full Moon at 0° in Virgo, facing the Sun at 0°in Pisces set the tone
below are a few thoughts following the conversations of the day

  •  what isn’t complete and accomplished isn’t enough 

now is time to heal, resolve and let go completely of what isn’t Self
we are being called urgently to attune our human existence with our eternal essence


  • it is simple, and that’s it !

only on this condition the unique frequency of our Being can express itself perfectly, we are where we belong, we do what we are meant to do and the fullness of our life attests it

this is an important step in our personal and collective development, although it is only a very small part of our multi-dimensional reality and of our global evolution


  •  we will never be fully happy and content until we are accomplished

so the direction is clear : towards Self, in Self, with Self
yet we get easily sidetracked and deadlocked like in

I head towards goals and achieve objectives, which are actually the projections and buttresses or my weaknesses. My inner work on de-conditioning is weak and I am attached to my fear of being Self

                                                                                             I do this, I do that

                          I got this

                                                           I negotiated that


not lasting
I stop too quickly, I content myself with less, I stick to disharmony, to a mediocre version of myself, which is not satisfying. My accomplishment is little, because I am not aligned. As a result, I lack drive and momentum and I only access my resources sporadically and insufficiently 

                                                                                  I do what I can

                                  I know, I know

                                                                                                                          I ought to

                                                           what I endure is overwhelming


I give up due to discouragement, disillusion, demotivation, burn-out. No connection, no realisation, since I am unable to get back in sync and harmonise, I am cut off from myself and any resource

                                                                                        I can’t stand it anymore

                                                                                                                                              I am down

                                I’ll never get there

                                                                                                                           my situation is hopeless


MY mission
a quest validating my life and giving my actions a direction/meaning, but no accomplishment… except if I do serious work on my identifications and projections. Maybe what I do actually is not at all what I imagine, what I am busy with, what I do for a living, the roles I play …

                                                                                                            I am here for

            this is my mission

                                                                                   I am in charge of


I happily postpone til tomorrow what I could have done yesterday, which results in layers of aborted movements stratifying and me getting stuck in unease

                                                                                                                 I will do it

                             tomorrow I will change

                                                                                                    it is just a matter of time


I mistake my great and visible achievements and the recognition I get for them with my accomplishment. Puffery ! What if I performed a task of a very high level which remained invisible or in the background ? what if non action or being unable to do things was essential to what i do ?

                                                                                                  I am successful

                            I am acknowledged

                                                                                          I have been seen, asked, hunted


i ignore or underestimate the scale of the task at hand, I am in denial and/or numb myself. In any case I make sure I don’t face reality. I hide or reject what doesn’t suits me or puts me in trouble. In fact, I prefer not to change, for fear of my own accomplishment

                                                                                        I got it

                                          it will be done

                                                                                                I begin/quit when I want

                                                             if I want, I can


I ignore my reality, my shortcomings, my big or small blunders, I cover up what isn’t spotless. This creates a friction which prevents aligning with Self, but I can deal with it, because I am actually not in a hurry to face myself, a bit of fear perhaps ?

                                                                                                 that’s ok !

                          nobody can see it

                                                                                                              it is just from time to time

                                                  nobody knows about it


I won’t extend the list !


  • in short, it is not that easy

we are accomplished when everything is in place on all levels, all is transparent, simple, obvious, we are completely coherent and our lives speak for themselves


  • and yet yes, it is !

because we are perfect as we are

but we can’t see it, acknowledge it, admit it
there is nothing to add or remove to our Self which got a perfect shape
what troubles us is that we don’t know what it is for

in reality, the main obstacle to our accomplishment is our stubbornness not to be who we are
thus not to be able to acknowledge what our destiny is