gradually increasing awareness of a subtler and more refined perception
a new dimension of reality
every dot contains and reveals a limitless space

becoming aware of the vibration witch supports this space and connects everything with everything
surrendering to it again and again

allowing the upgrade of the human equipment as consciousness expands

accessing a higher vibratory plane by holding its frequency

letting go of anything incompatible with it

awakening to your eternal reality in this body
download      fusion      integration

fullness and accomplishment of Self

and so on
day after day



a glimpse of a 6 day retreat entitled alchemy of ascension held in Lachenal, France, 27 July-2 August 2019

the initiation of love through the mysteries of Ancient Egypt
a school of life completing the ongoing ascension and allowing rebirth to a new reality, an alchemical process
an inner transformation (I get lighter and purer until all that is left is myself) evidenced by my daily life (what i dream, what I think, what I say …. is really what I experience)
easy navigation of reality and moment by moment orientation in my life