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your mind is not clear, it is foggy, restless, scattered, your heart is unstable, unpredictable, you experience huge waves within and without (in the order you prefer)
the ego doesn’t like it at all and will inevitably try to regain control

when we are stuck in the box (matrix), all programmed conditionings are active
we want, we push, we hold on to, we do …
and whether the forms are constructive or destructive, based on ancient wisdom or the brand of the day, the ego has already taken over the case

as a result, our energy field gets saturated with mental energy, whilst the mind attempts to control the movements of life

the problem is that it blocks access to your Self and consequently to any kind of guidance


→  a suggestion for a quick shift

  • acknowledge the facts : this is what is happening !
  • breathe, give much air and space
  • shift from “I do” to “I am part of” or  “I take part in a process” or ” I am having an experience”  (which is mostly beyond my understanding)




the atmosphere we perceive habitually depends on your mental state, your emotions, your belief system …,  so it is largely made of unconscious projections (of recurring mental traps, unrecognised emotional shapes, the matrix of global programming etc.)

unless you become aware of them, a boomerang effect will reinforce the conditionings in place
(the environment reflects back to us what we project into it)

that’s how we are tied, it is super simple and effective


→   a suggestion to reverse the situation

  • back to your body
  • self centred
  • self aware
  • immersed in the environment
  • connected with it




relationships with the outside world are crucial for life and individual integrity
no, it is not possible to survive on our own !
depending on their nature and quality, the energetic exchanges that take place during our interactions with other people nurture or impoverish our life, reestablish or compromise our balance

the skin is the barometer of tactile exchanges, the membrane of your energy field that of subtile exchanges
notre energy field vibrates constantly in response to anything it gets in touch with, it attracts what has a similar vibration to its own (that’s how we think pin or grey as our moods change)


→   a game (which changes the frequency, hence the vibration)

  • centred in your navel
  • feel what is light and joyful in your environment, feel their colours and flavours
  • feel them inside your body
  • allow the expansion
  • let them diffuse in your entire field
  • stay with them and enjoy the effect




a glimpse of an expanded reality, a webinar held on 27-28 February 2021

we are experiencing a huge expansion. It is an invitation for our consciousness and the field of our experience to expand and for us to access countless new possibilities
as we become aware of them and begin to choose among them, our perception of reality changes radically
we live in a fluid ever evolving complex environment, in which we learn to navigate moment by moment with no medium/long term vision
adaptability, flexibility, resilience … are in order and inner guidance is key