it’s new Moon time, it will be tonight (at 7:05pm GMT)


a subtile evolutionary dynamic is set up, which invite us to seek more intimacy with ourselves, to dive into our depth and listen attentively and to acknowledge and endorse who we truly are, eventually
from now on, our essence (our Self) must become more and more visible and thrive on Earth


the Sun-Moon conjunction will be at 23° in Aquarius, with them triggered by Eris at 23 ° in Aries, which electrifies the scene


at the moment, the sign of Aquarius is invested by seven powerful energies, which support the embodiment of a new dimension of ourselves


all visible planets (except Mars) : the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, as well as the asteroid Pallas, are in this sign


the vibration of love has given birth to the subtile forms which are now permeating our social body  (the collective)


Venus is conjunct with Jupiter at 12 ° in Aquarius, a few days after meeting Saturn

Uranus, in resonance with Aquarius, forces our hearts to open further to welcome the powerful energies descending on Earth




this context is an invitation to self-reflection in movement and stillness, focused or undefined, in small touches throughout the day