The impossible is possible in freedom.
Jean Tardieu


   © Ratatouille, Pixar studio



traffic jams on the motorway
heat, confinement, irritation, suffocation

at a dead end, stubbornly and consciously there!

overwhelming density, nothing’s going right!


    © Falling down, Joël Schumacher


then choose something else


control lets go, refusal, resistance and struggle give way: support is there !
lean on what is

the landscape lights up in a matter of minutes, traffic flows more smoothly, the mirage of a destination becomes possible again





see something else


experience reality differently
as here, a moment in the life of a child unlike the others, as told by her mother
(the audio is in French, but you will get the feeling)


“la nuit c’est ma copine” (the night is my friend), France Culture




outside inside


hypersensitive, therefore hyper-reactive!
tummy in turmoil, senses heightened, a maelstrom of contradictory emotions, head spinning in a loop

confused, stunned or panic-stricken, flailing about or …

everything calms down
by coming back to yourself, inside, and, from there, opening up to what is resonating around you at that moment, outside !


in differential topology, the reversal of the sphere is a transformation from the inside of a sphere (here in blue) to the outside (in orange), and vice versa, in a continuous and seamless manner: it can represent the energetic movements of a reversal.


  © Arnaud Chéritat