cosmic pulse 3 / 4 , autumn equinox 
third weekend of a quarterly module on cosmic astrology, 21-23 September 2018 in Jouanvins





the main problem with balance is the idea we have of it
our understanding of the dynamics at work needs upgrading to a completely new level 




the 8th major arcana of the tarot of Marseille (born in the Middle Ages form a fund of traditional wisdom) depicts scales and shows how we understand balance in 3D


many symbols are encrypted of the picture, here are a few salent points :
a crowned woman, sitting on a throne in a hieratic attitude, holding a sword in her right hand and weighing scales in her left hand (note that both scales aren’t perfectly aligned)
the sword represents righteousness (masculine part) and the scales leniency (feminine part)
the arrangement of colours in the garment suggests balance of masculine and feminine and personal, relational and spiritual maturity


these few points illustrate perfectly some aspects of the sign of the Libra according to traditional astrology





from a 5D perspective, the essence of Libra widens considerably and keeps evolving moment by moment
the social dimension of ourselves, our growth and progressive maturation in contact with others, society and the world are highlighted




  • a human is an essentially dynamic and relational being
  • meeting and sharing with others, being confronted with their alterity and diversity are essential to his/her development and experience of self and forgent their capacity to be in the world
  • their inner balance is crucial, it is about standing on one dot (our physical gravity centre or another dot) and to establish relations with others and the world without loosing touch with this dot
  • they see themselves through their relationships, which serve them as a mirror, helping them to clarify who they are, enriching them considerably with their specific inputs
  • they don’t seek external validation and approval, but acknowledge their own worth within, when they regroup in their centre after a meeting
  • they interact with any life form indistinctly
  • their scope of action is multiple, multi-directional, they move outwards and expand in one or more directions simultaneously without ever loosing their centre
  • they know they are interdependent from the Whole they are part of and contribute consciously to its coherence and harmony
  • they are multi-dimensional and embody all dimensions of their cosmic being in this lifetime o Earth
  • they are mobile, versatile and knowhow to preserve the cohesion of their inner reality within the global reality
  • their perfection is the harmonic/harmonious evolution of their beings within the living whole



enjoy the upgrade !