after a meditation on being born and dying, participants share what most resonated with them, struck or overwhelmed them in a multi-layered and multi-dimensional transmission



the circle, the support of the circle, sharing …
the emotion … expressed and awakened in the body which unfolds gradually
this powerful energy of Life and Death which takes a different shade at the time of passing without disappearing …
Greatness, Light

the messages of the babies : huge enveloping and reassuring
transient, eternal tiny and immense …


message from trom the babies : SEE
union with the earth – tuttuno (all one) power
gratitude, thank you
and collective greatness



there is no trap !
meeting the now
coherence of who I am. Unity
honoured, seen and acknowledged in return






















passage, transformation, transmutation, exchange between multiple directions/dimensions, but one way
balance, stillness, complementarity, polarisation
universal, existential essential quantum of everything with everything
neither positive nor negative, simply different/specific and I must (allow myself to) experience it fully, accepting it without judgment possibility, questioning, messa in moto (impetus)
global perspective, coherence, encounter on other levels



heat … curiosity, love, needs, attachment …

death : very calm feeling … and behind it restlessness … as soon as there is attachment, restlessness increases …

birth of babies : they come from the space … light coming from the sky … a state of wellbeing …


exactly like what Paul’s hand generates in water : something precise, right and intense, then no more. Past, passage



source, light, one = all = whole
choice, love, welcome/received/fare parte (belonging)
turmoil, peace



widen, expanded vision, cycle(s)
everything comes, everything goes …
all that is



for me the meditation was a “blocco totale” (a complete block), apathy, physical and emotional stiffness, I felt out of place, helpless and lost. During the moment of integration – and with Sylviane’s powerful support ❤️ – all that collapsed, emotions surfaced and took me to the “place” where “all is well”, where everything, anything, is right and true. This place give a sense of freedom, peace and love



the topic was globally moving for me, a hot topic for some people in the group. For me (I am pregnant) it was good to touch on death as well, since by giving birth we give death as well and seeing both aspects is important.
I was moved  +++++ when leaving later on, I felt very emotional and things are still intense



the harmony of opposites by going through a very vast array of emotions, ranging from joy to forgiveness, from rage to love
vulnerability and certainty, the known and the new, connection and cohesion of the group, energy !

I take off
like a butterfly
I move on
beyond the whirlwinds
I am a star
fixed the sky
I look after you
the colours of the rainbow




glimpse of the 5D consciousness workshop on 29-30 June 2019 in Vevey, Switzerland

between black hole and star nursery, a transformation as radical and unavoidable as uncertain
there I am, facing myself : unlikely landmarks, random directions, undefined perspectives …
birthing the new or being born to the new ? by accepting to be reborn to myself more fully, I best assist the birth of the new world