to open your heart, you must release all the feelings of guilt and shame about destructive patterns

those are part of the illusion you’ve been kept in for millennia, they are neither good, nor bad, they are crystallised shapes around painful and traumatising experiences

there is no need to judge them or blame yourself for experiencing them. Blame adds a defence to the defence, it is a second level of distancing, a mechanism that remains mostly unconscious and perpetuates the separation from Unity 

welcome these emerging patterns with loving kindness instead, treat them as long lost parts of yourself you are happy to reconnect with, and they will reintegrate your conscious Self naturally as beautiful talents and abilities once they come back to the bright part of you

the next phase of ascension is to bring Love to the front and let it lead the show

dilation of the heart results in love and empathy pouring from you, irrespective of the circumstances causing it

be the sacred chalice and the midwife holding the space for love to be birthed in you and from you and start shining around you

nothing can obscure or resist the radiance and power of love

love brings contagious inner peace and joy and will change the world. The shift is supported by the sustainable rise in frequency of a minority of light bearers dedicated to the purpose

get still within your heart and be LOVE