all movements in the Universe happen trough desire and pleasure and they are meant to bring you joy

the dance of the elements is pure bliss and complex series of movements, such as cellular multiplication, an emotion arising and expressing in your body, the course of the Sun in the sky, etc. activate your second cakra and revitalise it 

the sacred sacral gate opens to enjoyment of life and bliss in Oneness. When your belly dances, it tunes in with and steps into the Cosmic Dance and miracles happen 

your vitality and creativity tap into the overflowing source of infinite joy, which keeps upgrading your human vessel to the highest frequencies you can hold 

feeling joy and gratitude balances all cosmic gates (cakra) in your energy body and enhances the beauty and harmony of creation, a sure way of generating openness and peace in your heart and in the world

be who you are, there is nothing to do, other than allowing joy and gratitude

you are radiant joy