at the solstice, we get a zip-file package delivered from the Sun for the whole year
all that has been unfolding since will start to make sense rapidly now
we knew that something big was out there, we could feel it, now we will discover it
as always we understand things best with our heart



the first full Moon of the year (at 11:34 GMT today) is in Cancer, in connection with (or conjunct) Ixion, our life purpose. She is at home in Cancer (it’s her own sign). In the realm of our emotions, she magnificently reflects this year’s delivery of the Sun, our eternal consciousness. After completing the transmutation process of our human selves we went through during all of 2016, a new era of full empowerment begins. Yet it will take us until the autumn equinox in September to get acquainted with our new capacities

our upgraded space-ship (spiritual-mental-emotional-physical body system) is now fully operational and ready to navigate this world (and other ones). Our sat nav is our mind-heart attuned to Self and it fuels on love, which is profusely available all around the unified field of ONE


the Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer meet in the middle of the bridge (they are opposing each other at the time of the full Moon) and the package that we received at the new Moon on 29 December reaches finally our heart, where it resonates with our Self in a unique way

a new level of spiritual consciousness, Capricorn, is reflected into our emotional being, Cancer, and activated in every cell of our watery body as it is in the body of our blue planet as well. Our crystalline body retains the imprint of all that it gets in touch with. It is now able to reconnect with its Source and manifest highest spiritual truth in a human shape


the Sun-Moon bridge is part of a potent cross with Jupiter in Libra and Eris in Aries.The exact pattern in power (cardinal, the first signe of each season) signs signals the completion of the resurrection process and return of/to the LIGHT (one and the same thing)

Sun 22° Capricorn     life comes from beyond
Eris 22° Aries     you get what you ask for
Moon 22° Cancer     new worlds, new life
Jupiter 22° Libra     soul-memory(
after Ellias Lonsdale, inside degrees)


Mercury, our mind, has been retrograde between 19 December and 8 January (every four months, it goes retrograde for three weeks, giving us a chance to revisit the ground we have just covered and transform, integrate, release, … what needs to shift)

change is happening in the now, when the mind-heart is clear and still, the vision manifests instantly


yesterday Mercury started a new cycle (conjunction) with Quaoar, our capacity to create thought forms. It was the last of three encounters with him and it took place on the Galactic Centre (centre of our galaxy), where we connect with our reality

this was the reboot of our operating system after upgrading and regaining access to the bigger picture. When our crown chakra is aligned with our (local) source, we can create new forms of reality


Mercury-Quaoar form a great eliminator (quintile) with Ixion-Vesta. Ixion is our life purpose and Vesta our devotion to it. This subtle aspect between planets on the master degrees (29°, the last degree of a sign, means mastery of the sign’s significance) of Sagittarius and Cancer signifies that we are coming full circle : we are back to unity and are fully empowered in our divine mastery

once reconnected with our life purpose, we know who we are, own and honour it



what really matters is BEING who you are!
you are LIGHT, let the eternal spark express and shine through you


take some time today to sit and align with the Galactic Centre
take a few breaths from you heart chakra, expanding gradually until you can embrace the Earth, our Solar System and the Milky Way
starting from your root chakra, invite alignment with heart and crown chakra and with the centre of our galaxy
attune to the frequencies pouring down through your crown chakra

repeat every day this week