burning the old, clearing timelines, all life records, the last batch of a big stack of paperwork
it took forever and a lot of energy to complete the task. At first, I got a brief sense of relief, freedom and joy, but in the thick of it I had to go into arduous and intense labour, until sadness finally surfaced and tears started welling up in my eyes

it took a very long time for that last batch to catch fire and burn, like a grand finale in slow motion
then it was over and i sat there for a while in front of the stove with glowing cheeks and suddenly my heart started expanding immensely and I bursted out laughing



you can change timelines if you want

the choice is yours


you can let go all that no longer serves your evolution and that of humanity
and let any remaining attachment (conscious or unconscious)to what keeps you in the current timeline go for ever



start afresh

your energy invested in a new timeline, openhearted and curious about the new possibilities
it is different vibration !


NB : all that was, is no longer.