let’s practice leaping beyond your (dis)comfort zone

you are essentially free
you always have access to the full spectrum of possibilities


part one 
why don’t you pick one or more options outside the usual range ?

perhaps you prefer to stick to what you know best rather than stepping into the unknown
sometimes you tend to do what you think you ought to do rather than what you most like doing

you can make any choice from an infinity of possibilities, it’s entirely up to you
pick anything that catches your attention or what inspires you and watch the magic at play

but bear in mind that if you don’t make a choice, you will automatically go back to your (old outdated) default settings and go for another round of the same usual pain and suffering

it’s a game, all it takes is a leap of faith !


part two
why don’t you shift to a higher frequency ?

when in fear choose love
when in separation choose oneness
when afflicted choose trust
when attached choose surrender

painful situations only show that your spaceship operates on a lower frequency than your Self

it’s scary, but it works!
take a leap, lift yourself up

it’s a game, all you do is shifting to your home frequency !


part three
why don’t you choose the life you want to have ?

create and manifest your vision within the unified field
from the selfless intention-less space of now
let your Self BE SELF
no interference

it’s a game, just for fun!



wishing you a happy leap into the NEW year