focus on the bright side of life !
in the battle between light and darkness, things are not the way they look, under the cover of confinement many things are happening, good ones and bad ones
big surprises to come

acknowledge the truth !
how will you discern what is true from what is not ?
by checking deep within yourself, that’s the only way, no external source of information is truly reliable, you have to know for yourself by yourself
at the zero point, where mind-heart are empty and still, you will know for sure what resonates with you and what doesn’t
that’s why we need to go into great stillness in lockdown

the light has risen
feel it, touch it, breathe it, be it … that golden light so on your skin, in every single cell of your body, in the spinning particles in the void right now
this is the new reality, it is there, we are not quite there yet !

the veil is thinning
love pouring, buckets of it, granted to all, beaming joy,  your heart widely open, soak in as much as you want
this is a limitless free resource
see through the veil

lift yourself up  !
be firm and switch to higher frequency when you catch yourself in negativity, worries, inner chatter box, fear is not what you want, it will never set you free
prefer light instead, otherwise you will feed the dark forces (by default, alas)
where your focus goes, there you invest your energy

hold the light !
don’t compromise your being !
consume high vibration food and pure water, cultivate heart opening emotions, allow only thoughts that support ascension
using daydreaming and your creative imagination, read your destiny, dream your life and reality,  create the world you want to live in, bit by bit

choose light
light and darkness will end up reuniting, but we are not there yet
whilst the battle is raging, allow the light from Source to sustain, nurture and protect you, ask for support and guidance through all the challenges you face, you will be heard and receive what you need


happy Easter !