the Jouanvins cycle is accomplished, it ended yesterday with the sale of our house


eleven years in Ardèche, after eleven years in London
another solar cycle
how many solar flares and eclipses since the glorious day when Marcus and I settled in this spot of unspoiled nature ?


end well … begin well (and vice versa), obviously !

so many things, visible and less visible, to be held so the cycle could complete
keeping all threads together or dropping them, depending, not really in our hands, yet the unshakable confidence that everything would work out well in the end


being fully present, only there, without investing mentally, following the (rather challenging and disconcerting) course of things and responding in the moment, without a question
instead of taking care of people and situations, experiencing the flow and the reality of the moment
a huge initiation !


when we complete a cycle we reach another plane (evolution is a spiral)
the end is a beginning, as the beginning is an end, we gain perspective on the completed cycle as we gain altitude and things get clearer !


I am not ending a life chapter today, but one of my lives
(I intend to have several other ones in this life)


the multidimensional weaving of my relationship with Marcus stretches over some forty years, but now the work is put down, all that could be accomplished together in this lifetime has been done


the warps and wefts dissociate from one another and become available to weave other fabrics here and on other planes and dimensions


I am infinitely grateful for all that we could experience by sharing our potential, our strengths and weaknesses, our affinities and differences
so many years of joint endeavour now releases a tremendous power at the service of what will call either of us


sacrificial fire

no discontinuity, no separation
all is interconnected


true love is without beginning or end



to Marcus