in the midst of conflict


re-establish the connections
a relationship with myself
I take a stand in my truth
I allow the resolution of inner conflicts (projected outside)
a living network evolves by affinity


what really matters

no chill time !
                        no inch Allah !
                                                 no mental games !


an effective sequence
I reconnect with myself
I am where I am with what there is
I follow my inner guidance step by step





a glimpse of the workshop conspiracy of light held in Vevey, Switzerland, on 10-11 October 2021

the entire universe conspires to our awakening and full realisation, obviously, and it keeps pointing moment by moment at what really matters and we should focus on : we are being presented daily with humps to get over, initiations to go through, changes to be made towards the next phase of our accomplishment (a never ending spiral), perhaps not what/the way we want them, but so it is !