cosmic pulse 2/4
second weekend of the yearly cosmic astrology module, 23-24 June 2018 at seasons of silence, France




the three phases of the great work, which reveals the quintessence or philosophical stone

  • oeuvre au noir (nigredo) trial by earth
  • oeuvre au blanc (albedo) trial by water and air
  • oeuvre au rouge (rubedo) trial by fire

(see “l’oeuvre au noir” beautiful novel by French writer Marguerite Yourcenar)

transmutation : destruction, transformation and rebirth (on another plane)
purification, élimination of conditionings, attachments and illusions



initial phase, body dialysis (nigredo)



breathing cycles
in breath from left heal to left hand out breath from left hand to Sedna (the planet most distant form the Sun in our solar system as of today), in breath from Sedna to right hand, out breath from right hand to left foot, in breath from left foot to centre of the Earth, out breath from center of the Earth to right foot, and so on
reverse the movement after a while



second phase, opening of the heart (albedo)

inner reset, reconnection with Self

breathing cycles in pairs (also with a tree an animal, a mountain …) with physical contact
a. in breath from sacrum to left foot, out breath towards sacrum of the other (adapt according to partner), inbreathe from his/her sacrum towards my right foot, out breath towards my sacrum, etc
clockwise and anticlockwise, until you can feel great sweetness

b. same facing each other without being physically in touch
clockwise and anticlockwise simultaneously, until you feel total confidence



third phase, mind : turning things around (rubedo)

activation of the essential potential of Self

choose an inverted pose, trunk above head, also on your sofa etc, and settle there to stay for a long while (must be confortable, obviously)
dare putting your mind to rest and give it the space to change its belief system
it will be complete when the mind is completely blank