dancing, like playing, is a state of mind (not really something we do)

meeting life, everywhere, anywhere, in all things
particles, reflections, immensity, synchronicities, several superimposed and yet distinct dimensions …
the unexpected, always : surprise, being presented with something, opening and more … if I am there




encounter, contact vibration, resonance

dancing my life means sneaking into matter, allowing touch (e)motion and, with vibrating heartstrings, respond to them
the experience has little to do with circumstances and situations, it depends mostly on how I receive what comes my way and how I respond to it

giving sounds, the wind, a flavour my full attention, open and free 

being receptive and undefined (I don’t necessarily understand what is going on)
guard down, being exposed
intensely sensitive




dancing is the natural state of my unified field of consciousness

when I am ONE (accomplished, autonomous, responsible), my energy field is free and spontaneous and it dances
what it attracts to me amplifies and enriches my bunch of frequencies




if I can’t dance (anymore) (literally or metaphorically)

I am stuck in a kind of inner dissonance, my energy field is disturbed or damaged and I don’t vibrate anymore
in most cases I tend to project this dissonance outside myself and I see it reflected in the world around me
my perception always reflects my inner state
it is my reality projected, my gut, my moods, my emotions, my wounds (conscious or not) out, it’s also an opportunity for me to acknowledge them
what to do ?




join the dance, that is all I need to do

no need to learn the steps (there is no manual), i must join life and stay with the flow, drop the guidelines and let the flow flood and even overwhelm me, let go even of my lucky star for the calling of the moment



?  ?               ?  ?            ??



a glimpse of
dance with life !  a 5D consciousness workshop 9-10 February 2019 in Annecy, France
raw material : anything you like, from the dance of the particles to the divine play or līlā, territory : micro or mega, as you prefer