the peak of tomorrow’s full lunar eclipse will be around 13:30 GMT. It is called blue (because it’s the second full Moon in one calendar month) and blood (for it’s reddish colour). Some call it a super Moon (because it is very close to the Earth). You won’t be able to see it in Europe, but you can feel it 


go into full stillness
let the waves of love embrace you
and feel your heart
soften soften soften
dilate  dilate  dilate
expand     expand     expand  
i   n   f   i   n   i   t  e   l  y
with the subtle touch of love


this is the sacred initiation and the rebirth off the eternal feminine


fell it again and again
dive into it

dare love and being loved
allow   allow   a l  l o w

there is nothing to do and nowhere to go
only allowing love
to pervade
every particle of light
every dimension of your being
activate them and restore
unity and oneness

n   o   w

f   o   r      e   v   e   r


the eclipsed Moon (our embodied consciousness) is at 11° Leo, together with Ceres (the midwife) and the soul star or North node (our destiny)
Haumea (perpetual generation of unity),at 25° Libra, Sedna (the returning feminine) at 25° Taurus, Chiron (the frequency of unity), at 25° Pisces form a iod (geometric pattern) with Uranus at 24° Aries and Eris at 22° Aries (male and female awakeners). Together they conspire to end the game of separation and reboot who is willing to limitless love

will you let love crack you open ?
will you have the gut to step into uncharted territory
choose high frequency
embrace who you are
and realise your destiny ?