3D = duality, separation, conflict      vs     5D = unity, oneness, love


what are you in relation with, interacting with, feeding from ? The 3D-5D polarisation is increasing and will reach a climax by the spring equinox (the balance and tilting point of light and dark)

it means that you have to choose your camp and update your preferences, but also to clear your karmic contracts and/or let go of any attachment to what you don’t believe in anymore

you can believe and invest in what you want, it is entirely up to you (from a higher perspective both the 3D and 5D camps are equally illusory), but your choice is important, because you are going to play different games depending on what you decide

you already have opted for 5D actually, we all have !

but where the polarisation is felt with excruciating pain is in the discrepancy between your Self’s perfect resonance with the global shift and the misalignment/lack of focus/limited expansion of your consciousness, mind, heart and body in relation to yourself, others and the world

this is due to clinging to stale outdated duality based patterns we have long grown beyond. The attachment isn’t so much to the processes we went through (most of which having been tedious and painful enough), but to the known (a bit like the toys you were playing with when you were little and you are holding on to)

obviously, there is a lot of fear when confronted with the unknown : uncertainty, loss of boundaries, vulnerability, exposure…

Connecting with the fear within you and around will only feed it. When moved by fear we tend to instinctively react to a life threat (real or imagined). Acknowledging it and going through our instinctual reaction patterns (fight, flight, freeze) until the process is complete and we are back to Self and the flow is THE way. It is a safe sensory experience in/of the body and it’s neither mental investigating (explaining, justifying or reflecting) nor an indulging in emotional overwhelm

the safest place for us to face the unknown is when we are in tune with our Self and anchored in the reality of our human life and circumstances, i.e. on a dot in the middle of the raging ocean. A split second of inattention and we find ourselves light years away, a slight twist in mind or heart and we are torn apart and dismantled by the fury of the elements

our BODY is the place of the experience, our physical vehicle (its failures and shortcomings included) where we are to embody our Self, the complete merger of spirit and matter allowing further developments yet to be discovered/imagined

is 5D really unknown actually ? yes and no. We haven’t been there before in a human body, it’s the next phase of human evolution, so it is uncharted territory for us to explore and play in and have fun with. Yet the joy, lightness, ease and limitless possibilities we discover when in tune with these frequencies feel so familiar, we know them to be part and parcel of who are essentially

you got it all, but it doesn’t show in daily life, so what’s wrong with you ? no blame or judgment, let’s fine tune instead.

It’s not about getting anywhere or doing anything, so that a wonderful abundant blissful  5D reality manifests for you. It’s rather about BEING IN, here and now, totally with and involved in what is going on (always targeting you blind spot and perfectly designed for an instant shift for who has eyes to see and is willing)

still in need for some help ? get out into nature and fully allow its embrace, this will sort out the rest