fear is another viral pandemic !

more virulent than the corona, it has no particular target and can affect anybody, consciously or not. After a few weeks spent in lockdown its density is palpable, it gets everywhere, no refuge, no (absence of) routine/discipline protects from it, it spreads in a dazzling and unpredictable way, suddenly it is there


lurking fear

when there is fear, something (real or imaginary) hat triggered us and we are in trouble and vulnerable, obviously. And usually our mind steps in immediately and attempts to resolve the “problem”. Yet fear isn’t a problem, but an instinctive visceral reaction. Hence we get bogged down !


the double self-sufficient circle of fear

like the fear arising from our core, when an external (also internalised) factor hit a tender spot, similarly when fear gets hold of us,  we feed the collective fear
the environment (the external circle) triggers us (the inner circle) and our inner reaction impacts on the outside and so on
as a result, the double vicious circle perpetuates itself, fed by the personal and collective investment we make in fear (efficiently supported by all medias and social networks)

NB : this happens often without our knowing (we are immersed in the miasmas of the collective psyche the minute we step outside our front door or listen to the news). Although everything may seem peaceful within, don’t underestimate the power of unconscious fears !


there is worse

fear results from the distortion of our essential frequency (I AM). It generates a dissonance in the heart which no longer vibrates its natural frequency of love
fear is an endemic purulent infection that has spread widely from times immemorial (since the separation from unity). It is a poisoning of the heart, which feeds the forces of division at the root of this diabolic conspiracy (among others). They have therefore no interest in seeing their sustenance getting scarce


state of affairs : not great !
the dominant spectrum includes the fear of loss (our life, somebody or something), the fear of lacking (essential resources), the fear of change (facing the new, the unknown, becoming ourselves), fear of not getting there (the ascension, getting lost, dropping the ball)
and with fear the door is open to the full range of emotions going around in circles (see above) which maintains a very low frequency field



how to handle this ?

transforming fear includes the body

the signs of distress in the body showing that there is fear are key. Instead of avoiding, by-passing or repressing them, we need to feel how they affect us clearly and acknowledge them one by one. This is our safeguard when the mind kicks in, actually !


the body : springboard towards unity

fear will dissolve in the body (not in the mind)
how ? we ground ourselves in our body (even when in pain and retracted), we align with our vertical axis, and we take support in our body to leap to the highest frequency we can hold (frequency of unity), where we settle
we will feel that the symptoms of fear will dissolve gradually (rather quickly, actually)



t h e r e   i s   n o   f e a r   i n   u n i t y           (a matter of frequency)