doing nothing doesn’t grant us access to BEING, far from it !
but it is an important step in returning back to oneself

at the beginning, stopping the infernal cycle brings to light the inner restlessness and emptiness and often the inability to stay with oneself. Attempts to turn a blind eye and cover them with distractions or activities, as noble as they may be, doesn’t fool anybody, there is an unease !

even for those who make idleness/inactivity a practice, a way of living, and value and sacralise stopping all activities in favour of a blissful fullness/void, the current times aren’t that easy. The climate is stressful and contagious and most of the time

stillness isn’t that quiet

at first sight, sitting in nature seems to be helpful (spring works its magic, of course), lightness is back, joy as well, perhaps, yet they are short-lived once we are back in confinement

clearing our mind, filling up our mind with sensations and stuff, all sorts of excuses and strategies to postpose the unavoidable face to face with ourselves

be honest with yourself : which slope did your mind go down since you’ve been forces to quit with out any notice all that was holding/supporting/blinding you until then ?
denial, flight, greed, numbing, control, structure, comfort zone, neglect, apathy … you name it

this is what you need to acknowledge and accept 



stop, return to standstill
it makes a new start possible (although not likely), that’s something!

folding back to NOTHING is necessary, inevitable actually, both on individual and collective level. It is the natural full stop at the end of a cycle (like the end of a breath), therefore it is neither a fatality, nor a loss of time, meaning or power

pure essence without becoming

– the fully retracted space (void; infinite possibilities) from where anything can arise
for example, a radical inner transformation becomes a possibility, if such is your choice and you give yourself the means to succeed (it won’t happen on its own, obviously !)

– the stepping stone (resource) which supports impetus and momentum when a new cycle begins
yet without standstill, there is no return back to self and, consequently, neither support, nor impetus, but only the endless repetition of the same, going round in circles



going through the eye of a needle
the return to essential void is also an obligatory (and repeated) step in evolution

rising to a higher plane of consciousness happens when the corresponding frequency has been experienced and can be held, sitting in standstill is a prerequisite to it
reset, upgrade, integration, change of plane
when it is accomplished, the interdimensional gate can be walked through

there is no way out of the deadlock (the network of the false matrix), unless we regain control of our being, our destiny and our mission and we establish a stable relationship with your multidimensional consciousness

the surest way is to get a direct non corrupt access to Self (=Source)
it is a narrow passage (like the eye of a needle), every individual journey is unique and there is no protocol !


(to be followed)