de-compact   an exercice in style

  • facts
  • energetic mouvements (type, nature, power, effects)
  • emotions and feelings (in relation to the script)

what it makes me experience in my energy field


  • your body support and comfort
  • your heart the quality of love it needs



auto regulation of the heart

an emotion is always meant to bring us back to ourselves (… condition that it is experienced until its end)



a deliberate choice

the more difficult things are getting around me, the more open, receptive and centred I will remain



when my heart is open, I feel

the subtle matter of the feeling
it is malleable and adaptable
I can touch it, knead it, stretch it

when I mould it and shape it
this gives me support, confidence and tells me about my integrity

this matter becomes a presence
which emanates from me and radiates around me

I fell innocence
and fullness in being there





a glimpse of drop the fake, a workshop held in Vevey, Switzerland, on 23-25 January 2021

yet another part of your reality collapses
purging brings to light what is really true
even prosecuting the untruth has gone
a fragile solid balance      in resonance with your divine being

the more you stand in your integrity, the better the most precious part of what you embody is revealed, which defines and orients your destiny