with yesterday’s new Moon in Gemini we entered this summer eclipse season, also called a wormhole
a wormhole is the time-space stretching from the new Moon (last night) before the first eclipse, until the new Moon after the last one of them, in this case on 9 September in Virgo. Eclipses come in series of two or three and wormholes can last up to three months, this one is a very long one

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, gives the tone for the entire season : the mind settling in the heart space can feel and intuitively get to know the bigger picture.
Mercury is also the new archetype of divine masculine, the spark of light igniting and activating all things and processes

at the time of the new Moon, Mercury was at 2° Cancer in a light bridge with Quaoar (balance mind-heart, intuition) at 1° Capricorn

there will be three eclipses this summer 

  • the first one will happen on the next new Moon at 22° in Cancer on 13 July. It is a partial solar eclipse. Solar éclipses always are on a new Moon, the Sun and Moon are conjunct (on eat same degree) and the Sun partly cast his shadow on the Moon). It won’t be visible at our coorditates. The partial  will begin at 2:48, peak at 4:01 and end at 5:13am GMST

  • the second one on 27 July is a full lunar eclipse, which will be visible in Europe
    a lunar eclipse always happens on a full Moon, when Sun and Moon are on either side of the Earth and the Earth gets in the way and obscures the Moon. The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST 
    on 27 July the Sun will be at 4° in Leo and the Moon at 4° in Aquarius (in opposite zodiac signs). The full eclipse will begin at 8:30pm, peak at 9:21pm and end at 10:13pm GMST


  • the third one of the season and last eclipse of the year (next one will be on 21 January 2019) will be a partial solar eclipse in Leo on 11 August, which again won’t be visible from our latitudes. The partial will begin at 9:02, peak at 10:46 and end at 12:30, all GMST

a quick recap
summer 2018 eclipse season

13 July partial ? eclipse, visible in South Pacific  ?
27 July full
?eclipse, visible in Europe ?
11 August partial ? eclipse, visible in North America ?

in a series of eclipses Sun and Moon keep alternating, at intervals of two weeks
this is because they occur on new Moon (solar) and full Moon (lunar)
it takes about 29 days for a full lunar month to complete, from new Moon to the next new Moon
(the last new Moon in Gemini was on 13 June and the next one in Cancer (first solar eclipse) will be on 13 July 

?  ?  ?  ?  ?


what to expect
during a wormhole you are being taken on journeys you wouldn’t go on normally, you are likely to be disorientated and destabilised. You will have to be disciplined, recentre in your body and keep tuning to yourself. It’s a good idea to chill out and rest as much as you need.
The entire time-space offers major opportunities to awaken and attune to your higher Self, eclipses are zero points of major multi-dimensional recalibration

the Sun represents your eternal Self, your consciousness
the Moon represents your embodied Self and unconscious

when they are eclipsed, they are momentarily switched off and then on again
and you can be graced with greater clarity about your Self and who you are here on Earth (if you are willing!)

when an eclipse isn’t visible from your location, you can always tune in and sense what it delivers for you