emotional patterns
a experiential weekend to explore our emotional matter, 2-3 June 2018 in Leicester, UK


the word emotion means a movement outwards
when we have an emotion we are carried away from ourselves
and the completion of it is when we come back to our centre and settle there

emotions are the movements of our heart
if our heart is an ocean, they are the waves of the ocean
their cycle is to rise and break, they keep repeating it again and again
sometimes the ocean is still, but most of the time there are waves
every kind of emotion has got its own movement and pace, they also vary in intensity
these patterns are the natural expression of our moods and they are essential to our inner balance and wellbeing

emotions are waves in the ocean of our heart
when our heart is at peace, the waves rise and break as we interplay with what happens within and around us
they create magnificent patterns in the living fabric around our core, each of them emerging from our core and coming back to it
they manifest subtle ever changing multi-dimensional geometric structures, which reveal aspects of our being in resonance with what caused them (the same attracts and increases the same)
there is a feeling of connection and flow, our inner world and outer world reflect and enhance one another

when we are disturbed, overwhelmed or distressed instead, it is a clear sign that we are beside ourselves. Our emotional waves are strong and disruptive and we get easily upset
so called destructive emotions (such are anger or fear) are actually restorative
we get triggered because we are off centre, and the emotional wave takes us further out into a loop, so we can come back to ourselves eventually

the patterns these emotions follow is a self regulating modality inherent to our heart
these waves are designed to bring us back home when we got lost ourselves

one of the difficulties we have with emotions is that we tend block them
this is due to lack to emotional literacy and internalised programming

we are generally little aware of the nature of emotions, their movement, process and completion
and we haven’t been shown how to ride emotional waves
moreover due to deep seated, mostly unconscious conditionings (cultural, religious, spiritual…) we generally ignore, repress or rationalise them

our emotions express the movements of our heart, but we can feel them in our body, through sensations and feelings. We can easily access emotions via our senses, yet we often ignore the signs/symptoms in our body which signal them. Common escaping strategies consist in  numbing our body (with alcool, drugs, work, sports, hyper-stimulation…) or disconnecting from it (by living in our mind, dissociating…)

the problem is that repressed emotional waves stay with us and continue to impact on us until their full completion. A rising wave will have to break to complete its cycle and merge in the depth of the ocean again

emotions become seriously destructive when they remain unresolved
the recurring defence patterns we see ourselves fall into cause tremendous pain, because we are literally beside ourselves and unable to change it, and our attachment to dealing with them mentally results in more suffering

we can break the patterns by allowing the waves to break
allowing is the way, nothing much can be done
other than letting the suspended movement continue until its completion
we can ride most surface waves on our own, there are current affairs
traumatic tidal waves and tsunamis will require some help

transformation happens instantly, but it takes a while for it to show in our physical body
harmony is restored once we are back in our core and attuned with Self