the fire at Notre Dame in Paris caused a lot of emotions, identifications and projections. Now the tumult and overwhelm are over, movements are slowing down, what is dense and heavy is settling
back to ourselves



to make a herbal tea
we throw a handful of plants in water at room temperature and we heat the water to the required temperature (it depends on the plants we use). The active components of the plants are released progressively as the heat increases and they add gradually their specific qualities to the complex mixture. Once the desired temperature is reached, we let steep and flavours intensify and harmonise with one another until perfect balance, then the beverage is ready to be enjoyed. We don’t keep the plants (unless a second infusion is possible), once their function is accomplished, they are composted and return to the Earth


in the case of Notre Dame, the element of surprise, the intensity of the show and the powerful symbol generated huge empathy and an abundance of generosity (one can question their purpose though). The dreadful fire brought to light beautiful human qualities and prove that we are capable of true solidarity. A sign of awakening consciousnesses !

what if the purpose of the fire was awakening (personal and global) ?

a disruption, reminding me that the fire that doesn’t burn, my consciousness, lives in the heart of my inner city, and that remembering who I AM, implies that is up to me to burn all that clutter in me which veils the essence of my BEING

if the splendour of my inner building, my HUMAN BEING, is restored, the cathedral can be rebuilt (or not !)



to make a floral essence
we are in presence of several pure consciousnesses: the ones of the flower and of the alchemist, of the Sun and of water. Encounter, communion. The alchemist puts the flowers in a big transparent bowl filled with spring water, the Sun does the rest. Silence, void-fullness, synergy. The quality of the essence extracted reflects the level of consciousness and state of being of the alchemist, the consciousness of the rest of the team is stable by nature


everything hinges, therefore, on how I contribute to the global balance

a higher level of consciousness requires a higher level of consistency
my negligence, my avoidance impact on any situation and the global picture of the planet, this is my part

following the powerful reminder of Notre Dame, to replicate the shape without transforming the substance would creating a (spiritual, aesthetic, historic…) veneer and perpetuate a world that non longer exists (due to my identification and attachment)

unless my BEING is really truthful and attests its essence in its relationships with all that is, the rebuilt nave will be an empty shell, because hatching as already taken place


may what happens through me testify to who I AM