until the last moment, I didn’t know what the theme of this meridian would be 

then softness imposed itself
it invited itself through the roundness, with the pulpiness and juiciness of a ripe fruit
there followed a deep relaxation in me and the rediscovered simplicity of living movements:
what a relief!
a calm presence, less furtive, less dry, a generous breadth in the spontaneity of the impulses


in sharing, a bouquet of images, sounds and words to connect you to this softness




Softness is invincible.
Marcus Aurelius, “Thoughts for myself” 12, 18


George Gurdjieff, “interlude 1”






Arvo Pärt, “Lamentate : fragile”


Soft and weak triumph over hard and strong.
Lao Zi “Dao De Jing”, 36






Morton Feldman, “Piano piece 1952”



Your left hand on my right shoulder as I walk down the stairs :
what is this weight that makes me so light ?
Christian Bobin, “Le Muguet rouge” (The red lily of the valley)