here are a few things that struck me since the big balancing of polarities at the equinox
take time to perceive each of them with all your senses, before ingesting them
… and to stay with the impression left afterwards



(non)verbal language is but a small part of our interactions with each other. We are totally interdependent with all other beings and things on earth. The network of interactions we create feeds the continuum in which we live. Their quality matters. The level of awareness and the quality of presence we express each time we connect with somebody or something matters


we feed the continuum when we are the truth (= ourselves) and it manifests through us. We pollute it when our intention (however good) projects our vision/awareness/understanding on somebody or something thereby judging/depreciating them. Impeccable communication is paramount since we all live in/from the continuum


there is still a lot of labelling regarding love : we keep relating to (ideal outdated) belief patterns when in comes to gender, couple, family, friendship, mentorship, etc. Underlying is the persisting urge to help, heal, protect, nurture … based on good will, intention, empathy, compassion… It strangles the self-love to be born before hatching, a subtle vicious pattern which sadly attest little emotional maturity ! How can we support hatching self-love ? by being present, giving full attention and holding the space on the highest frequency we can hold


rainbow = light + water + vision
in our lower body system (body, heart, mind, consciousness) that’s how the magic works : connecting rays and chakras can manifest anything, when we are there !


when body and mind are still, we can feel the heart breath, its subtle resonance in response to the input of the common field. When listening and following its guidance we can operate and navigate safely even in the darkest of confusion and chaos


every division, separation or imbalance in us is a self-inflicted violence which feeds the global division, separation and imbalance. Discomfort, pain, suffering… in body, heart or mind signal a dissonance with our divine blueprint, they are out  sync with Self. Body, heart and mind are designed to self heal = re-sync. They will do, unless the intrusive ego stops the process



did you notice something ?
if so, what is it ?