why our spiritual practice has become weak and ineffective


today is equinox day, everywhere on the planet night and day are equal
astrologically the Sun enters Libra
since the winter solstice (on 21 December last year) our human equipment (spirit-mind-heart- body) went through a series of reboots following the massive upgrades we have experienced over the past few years

our human operating system is now perfectly fitting for our Self to embody fully

and now is the balancing point of all polarities
the moment of truth when our Self can begin to manifest
the zero point, in which all possibilities are held
the blank of pure potential

we are disorientated, of course
yet we begin to reconnect with a reality we always knew existed
our deepest longing, our absolute truth

when we project on this reality the set of values, beliefs and practices we identify with
the old paradigm patterns and stereotypes perpetuate the suffering due to separation
and we feel stuck and disempowered

with our refined set of tools
how profoundly still can we be ?
how deeply can we breathe ?
how far can we expand?

all that is needed is to recentre, listen within, acknowledge, allow and surrender
there no path to follow, nowhere to go, nothing to do

this is our practice


happy equinox!