since the last new Moon in Sagittarius on 26 November, which opened the gate to the winter eclipse season, the pace of things has kept accelerating and movements have become even more chaotic


today’s full Moon, the last one of the year (at 5:12 am GMT) was at 19° Gemini, with the opposing Sun at 19 °Sagittarius
this axis connects emotional and spiritual wisdom

a clear invitation for us to endorse our now fully mature upgraded Self and also to clear the stuff that still clutters our inside and outside (read our bodies and house) and veils our divine creative force about to be released with the winter solstice


Mercury, which rules Gemini, cruising in the higher octave frequencies of Sagittarius, and Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, about to begin a new cycle with karma (the South node) invite us to wipe the slate clean until the solstice and prepare for bigger changes ahead


the long awaited reunion of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on 12 January 2020 can be felt strongly already, but what adorns and graces this full Moon is the expansive enveloping and loving energy of Venus at 20° Capricorn, enshrined between Saturn at 19° and Pluto at 21° Capricorn

this aspects sheds light on a facet of the sign we are not so familiar with : an exquisite extremely delicate and refined quality of sensitivity that remains mostly private


expect the festive season to be intense

after the most powerful winter solstice on 22 December, a solar eclipse on Boxing day, a lunar eclipse on 10  January the peak will be the conjunction of Saturn-Pluto (among other celestial bodies) to be illuminated by the transiting Sun


all these events are huge land marks and will be decrypted in dedicated meditations on the day
stay attuned and join us in person or remotely