we unravel the threads, reconnect them and settle in the new = the (un)known

the threads are our nervous system, whose nervous endings must be connected with the ones of other people, the earth, the cosmos, in short with the rest of us. This is our primal connection !

after weeks in lockdown we have become much clearer and and hyper-reactive as well
we easily loose our centre and things get tangled, within and without, conscious and unconscious
inner movements can be confused and contradictory, impatience and anxiety keep bickering
t’s time to recentre and come back to zero point


again and again raise to the highest frequency and hold it, obviously

live the present moment (carpe diem = seize the day for the scholars), yes, we know !!!
but  we begin to realise the difference between understanding the concept and having the experience of the moment
absolute certainty and complete surrender (no half-measures or bargaining) : then truly everything is possible

so we play it by ear trusting our feeling only with our heart as a compass
its resonance (opening, closing stillness) gives crystal clear clues, once the mind rests in the heart and let itself be guided moment by moment


we are built to orient ourselves, make choices, know and create through our heart

we live in symbiosis (interdependent connections, mutual exchanges and support) with all that is (in multiple dimensions) and we become coherent with all that is through the vibration of our heart

which way ? there is no clear direction, or rather it depends on almost everything and we hardly know anything, so we take it easy and adjust moment by moment
alternative routes to straight lines, often, wanderings and loss of meaning, repeatedly, which reveal other things, which unveil possibilities so much richer and consonant than what we thought, wanted, planned … dreaded


we are connected with the entire world through our nervous system, we form a whole

like on other levels the forest marine or galactic ecosystem as a whole …

so there are better things ahead than walking the sign-posted paths again
our sensitivity is an open gateway to the world and the vibration of our heart the common denominator to all things

fence sitting or moaning are no longer appropriate, we have to reconnect our roots to the cosmos
the sooner the better