our ego-system is very ill, says my distraught neighbour in the tube on my way home after the workshop
a world of our own  =  a reflection


a few notes jotted down in the same breath
in echo to this observation, we can initiate several movements simultaneously


get (back) to ourselves
emerging from our individualist self-centred bubble which projects its world onto the world
remembering we are part of a living fluid complex multiple system


put down new roots in the Earth and the cosmos
entering into a smart multidimensional evolving partnership in which resolving existential personal relational issues puts an end to collective and global issues

inner ecology’s nothing but allowing the auto  – harmonisation of our own univers
                                                                               – healing
                                                                               – regeneration
it’s just common sense !

since macrocosm supports microcosm and vice versos, re-phasing cancels any other issue (similarity of fractals)
when part of a series de-phases the whole gets disorganised and, conversely, when this part re-phases, the harmony of the whole is restored instantly without further intervention


understand what is going on on the planet currently
gaining altitude and having a broad view, but also having access to first hand information, i.e. certitudes born within ourselves, rather than picked fro contaminated sources

the evolution of the Earth is parallel to that of mankind
what if the Earth was going to save  humanity rather than the other way round ?

First People only have a profound living relationship with the Earth and the cosmos, an intimacy we are not familiar with at all, where listening is everything and gives sustenance, guidance, support every moment




reflections on the topic of the workshop I support the world held in Annecy, France, on 1-2- February 2020

in a global inclusive and responsible world, our primary sustained and unwavering commitment is to look after ourselves, to create (or regain) the harmony of all dimensions of our being, in the important moments, but mostly in the little things of daily life (which is a lot more difficult !)
so we need to go back to the basis and learn to cherish, protect and use the amazing equipment which we have each lifetime wisely, so we can accomplish the wonders we came here to do (and in this lifetime, opportunities are truly extraordinary). That’s how we will spend our weekend