5D = unity consciousness

unity, wholeness, harmony, everything is there, in place and fully operational
everything is perfect as it is (including what we don’t understand and consider imperfect)


how can we lay our finger on it, grasp it and live it fully ? ? ?


most of the time what is missing is a different eye
this is a pressing invitation to change and refine your view, to see through the grid and beyond the appearances (= the superimposed programming the matrix)

or else the experience of unity, harmony and interaction with everything is weak or inconsistant, we can’t anchor in that reality and doubt arises
doubt is a mental disorder due to separation from self. When chronic, it becomes a way of living, a tendency, even an a priori
doubt is supported by/supports our attachment to stay trapped in the illusion of the matrix. It displays a blend of pessimistic fear based anticipation and projection of psycho-emotional imprisonments


the quest for the meaning of life is another serious obstacle
we have great difficulty letting go of the mental grip on everything. Mental investment in every dimension of our life (even where the mind has no competence) remains a default setting
since our mind is moulded by our belief systems, but also by our spiritual practices aiming at awakening, the quest for meaning reinforces conditionings and thickens the veil of illusion, in fact !

the true meaning of life is the experience we have of it



towards sensitive intelligence

the experience of self and the world is primarily sensory and proprioceptive. It is an intimate encounter, a unique infaillible and definitive resource for everybody

are we able to sense the slightest movements with and around us, everywhere ? what is 


             l i g h t                     l i v e l y                     l u m i n o u s


our attention is focused on modifying the way our senses perceive reality, to sense what isn’t obvious, to touch what is subtle, to take support on the invisible

perceiving external reality is achieved best from within, through complete reversal
anchoring in ourselves and finding stability and stillness, an affirmation of our presence on earth
daring to navigate in cloudy waters whilst remaining centred in ourselves
preserving, cultivating, supporting the perfection to the world from the eye of the storm


and since the world around us reflects our inner world, when we are in a unified state, we are one with all that is, obviously


s y n c h r o n i c i t i e s                     s e r e n d i p i t i e s   all-round                     extreme   c l a r i t y                    


          f l u i d i t y 


then signs appear, directions, momentum and commitment become clear, what needs to be is, what needs to be done is done

and when we are one with the Whole, we are in a state of unified consciousness (it goes without saying)



a glimpse of zero point of change, a workshop held in Reims, France, on 7-9 February 2020

inasmuch as we experience change consciously, we are mostly responsible for ourselves
within the room for manoeuvre we have, we must make coherent choices that are consistent with our truth and integrity
we will find where to stand and how to take the next step within, in the depth of ourselves, rather than by studying and reflecting on things
we must reach the zero point, sit there and stay. Then only, ask … and wait, there will always be an answer. This is uncharted territory, we are using an entirely new modality, but we are perfectly equipped (and ready !) to move into a new reality, at last