into deep silence
a cosmic tuning ceremony, 19-20 May 2018 in London, UK



living in hell

hell is both a place and a state of being
where we are cut off from life, neither alive nor dead


disconnecting can happen when we move between planes and dimensions
this is a transition phase, in which we integrate what we have completed
and attune to the frequencies of what comes next
hell is when you land and stay stuck here due to trauma
unresolved trauma will affect you deeply and impact one every aspect of your life
until it is being addressed and resolved 
it is the only way you can move beyond it


you can’t stay in hell !

you are in a limbo, neither here nor elsewhere
you are depleted, distressed, disjointed and lost
all is dark, cold and dull
you are lonely, you don’t seem to belong anywhere
you feel separate from light and love
life is hard despite all your efforts
it hasn’t got much meaning


you need to come back from hell

at the moment of trauma you have chosen to live
you are a survivor, but you still have to come back to life
the longing and yearning are screaming so loud
when you acknowledge them
you will need some help
you can’t do it yourself


there will be help, it will show up

somebody, some people will be there for you and invite you back
light and love will call you back
again and again
until they resonate so strongly in you that the terror will give in
you will feel held and supported and loved unconditionally
until you take a first step
and another one
and another one
moving slowly away from hell
and back to life
until you are fully back here