real empowerment     2 / 2
second of a two weekend module on 5D consciousness in action, 8-9 September 2018 in London, UK



in order to develop and maintain a stable relationship with our cosmic Self, we have to do consistant inner work

even the deepest reflection and dedicated self-enquiry will never give us access to our core, let alone our higher Self

usually we are only aware of a small part of ourselves, whilst the greater part, which actually determine most of our behaviour patterns, remains unconscious. These tendencies will only become obvious on the surface when triggered by external factors (blessings in disguise), allowing us to acknowledge and integrate them, if we are aware enough and willing

the main obstacle to knowing ourselves is the ego. It protects the well established barriers it has built to separate our ordinary self from our core on the one hand, and from the rest of reality (our greater Self), on the other hand. In addition, it invests into every thought, feeling and action and monitors their slightest movements so as to preserve its limited/limiting authority

what it implies

  • full awareness and acceptance of ourselves, moment by moment
  • radical alchemical transmutation of any limiting belief
  • steady step by step descent into our core for guidance
  • moment by moment navigation of daily life 
  • no strategy, no goal, no intention, every step is taken in the now and strictly for that moment
  • daily life as constant test, reflecting any projection


only under these conditions will we gradually discover who we truly are, we will embody the full potential of our chosen destiny in this lifetime, we will consciously take part in the ever evolving perfection of our limitless cosmic Self