great transformation

big changes happen in small steps, some of them hardly noticeable
shaking, a crack                    or is it the other way around ?
a crack, shaking
yet shapes tend to perpetuate themselves and regenerate
again and again

an inner urge more and more disruptive
frictions, tensions, frustrations           burst !
release, things settle down, dead calm or not, maturation           patience, resilience
until what cannot continue gives in, breakup


twilight, for a long time


some light at last, zero point !

an impulse, light and joyful, obvious
another phase begins, momentum
nomadic life, inconsistant, following the wind, without a goal or destination
completely open, undefined


some more light, there it is !

drop-off point, a whole other life, complete reboot, change of plane
start over
infinite possibilities
here now, every moment


that’s how Marcus and I have split up, I left my paradise in Jouanvins, Ardèche, and after a few months of wanderings around the world, I have now settled in Paris, at the Butte aux Cailles

my new address is at rue de l’Espérance, in Paris, France
espérance means hope, aptly named, isn’t ?