unless you break your habits (mental and other), you don’t have a chance to know if they serve the light or not

unless you drop your routines (the spiritual ones included), you won’t be able to know where you are at without the crutches

you are well aware that your addictions (to any kind of work, food, drugs, workout, you name it ) don’t serve the light, but until you quit them, you won’t be able to heal the underlying wound you are running away from

the problem with all these (often highly valued) agreed forms is that they keep us in low frequency and we are hooked. Many people begin to realise that they are addicted to low frequency (which perpetuates separation, competition, greed, violence, abuse …  and notably fear), but getting out of there is another matter


this situation is particularly problematic in the current crisis, because all the destructive emotions we experience in low frequency support the false matrix we are trapped in and block any further evolution of humanity, both individual and collective



today you can start something new and choose to lift your frequency

whenever you remember to do that (because you will forget, inevitably!)

  • put on hold what you are busy with
  • ground yourself in your body
  • become aware of your surroundings and sense where there is lightness, beauty, flow, joy …
  • focus on this until you can bring this higher frequency into your body
  • enjoy !

please note, this is a sensory experience (not a mental creation) : you are immersed in your physical reality, your senses offer an other dimension of that reality for you to experience and your mind is simply witnessing it

if your mind kicks in and becomes busy, simply come back to the sensations you have in your body, very kindly


you can repeat this as many times as you want