much light is coming our way from 1 until 11 January 2017
we will be literally flooded with light actually 

     be awake
     attune to Self
     and let things unfold

          from new beginning (1.1. 2017 =  1.1.1.) to full mastery (11.1.2017 = 11.11)
          be still 
          suspend any impulse

               let your inner space open and fill up with LIGHT
               allow spirit-mind-heart-body balancing and alignment with ONE


BE SELF           ALL IS ONE

all is well



YOU are born now

on 1 January Mars (the body) connects with Neptune (enlightenment). After many years of labour, your divine Self is fully embodied in a human form. This unprecedented achievement for a human being allows for an entirely new experience of life on Earth

Ceres (the midwife) has just entered a new cycle (separating conjunction) with Eris (the female awakener). You are awakened (you always have been, actually)!

Jupiter is the apex of a finger of God (a geometric pattern) which it forms with Chiron and Sedna. He invites you to turn inwards and feel the Self within, in order to fully own your divine being (Chiron) and the countless ways it can express itself in the world (Sedna)


ONE WORLD is born now

Jupiter’s expansive energy is in Libra (the mirrored Self). The awakening and reunion with Self is happening simultaneously in every every cell of your body and in the world as well. Microcosm and macrocosm reflect each other eternally

Jupiter and Saturn (our social consciousness), the former in a bridge (opposition) and the latter in a manifestation (trine) with Ceres-Eris, hold the space

the resource (sextile) between Jupiter and Saturn ensures an en masse awakening and empowerment

Chiron (the wholer), in a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Jupiter, facilitates a safe landing on higher ground



just to remind you : LIGHT = LOVE = ONE



happy new year!