some perspectives


the virus

a half-life which settles in a body and uses the vital force of a cell to replicate its genome and disseminate spontaneous mutation ?                 programming !
coronavirus, a pandemic running around the planet and affecting the whole of humanity

the virus can be benign, but it affects our DNA and compromises (momentarily ?) the full activation of our potential and pursuit of our evolution            programming !

systematic misinformation going viral and playing in endless loops (fake news, half-truths, distortions …)           programming !
a massive manipulation trough all medias, a widespread psycho-emotional poisoning to which most people responded until very recently by denying, minimising, rationalising, spiritual by-pass … (depending on personality type and integrated formatting)

meanwhile fear, anguish, anger, frustration, insecurity  … are rising, subtly triggered by the subliminal messages inserted in all medias and social networks


one of several defence strategies, attempting to curb the virus spreading and massive contamination of the population, a protection for one self and for other people, but also solidarity with all of us

it shuts everything down     STOP
it forces/allows us to slow down until we stop. Ultimately we don’t do anything, we don’t go anywhere, we don’t produce, we don’t consume, ce don’t plan we don’t anticipate, we don’t maintain anything at all     NOTHING               such a relief !

the economic system which rules our world shuts down
were expecting it, we were waiting for it, but probably not he way it is happening now

BEING takes over doing a good thing, obviously

positive side effects
in Wuhan the sky is blue and birds sing again
dolphins are back in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

yet another contagion, a psycho-emotional one, persists and worsens day by day. A thick black cloud surrounds the earth which increases in density as we are slowing down gradually. It is made of the agglomerated mass of all ideas, thoughts, reflections, projections and all destructive emotions around the virus and the global crisis

this insidious and silent pandemic feeds the virus potentially by weakening our immunity. Moreover masses of distraught people can be easily manipulated



healing the heart

on another plane, this critical situation is an opportunity to heal our hearts. The human heart is very ill, its fibres need mending, its tissues rebuilding, its gaping hole healing, its dryness watering, until it begins to vibrate again. Then only will our heart be able to open to another heart and feel the pulsation of the divine Love which holds the universe. Otherwise solidarity, mutual assistance, sharing etc. will remain superficial and little effective, because the wounds of the heart aren’t completely healed

this requires some personal work
– tending to our own wounds
– cleansing our family lineages, until we set ourselves free from the blood bondage and become a member of the human community, our birthright (we all came from the same Source)




the current crisis is also a decisive phase in the ascension of mankind and the integration of unified consciousness (5D consciousness). And there is no ascension without a shift of frequency !

yet the collective ascension movement can be comprised by all mental programming which biaises or corrupts our perception of reality, including in the spiritual world, a sever handicap

a serious mental detox is urgently needed. It implies
– acknowledging and letting go of all limiting beliefs
– giving up all habits, practices etc. which help balancing and maintain the status quo, but don’t give access to a higher frequency and therefore a higher plane of consciousness

where to start from ?
BEING rather than doing
be aware ! all defence and self-sabotage patterns are on alert



now, whether confined or not ?
shut down
come back to your body
calm you mind and pacify your heart
raise your frequency
live the experience fully (from within)