they arrived yesterday morning

you could feel the lightening of the atmosphere, all of a sudden 
happy trisses bouncing from wall to wall, a few handfuls of black and white heads in the nests on the opposite wall,

there they were!


swallows trilling




the swallows are back!


            © LPO




in front of us, they are barn swallows


they travel between 5000 and 7000 km to return from Africa
and always return to the place where they built their nest the previous year
the male chooses the site where the nest is to be built
he makes every effort to be joined by a female who will be his lifelong mate
the nest is built by both partners with mud pellets (700-1500 per nest!) collected in their beaks and added in successive layers
construction takes 10-18 days
the female lays up to 7 eggs which hatch after 13-19 days
it takes the young another 18-23 days to fly on their own
they are completely independent at 35 days




in 20 years, 84% of the barn swallow population has disappeared …




migrating or mutating ?



 © La Hulotte



© Marc Solari



I have learned to find in the sharp flight of a swallow or in the endless drift of a cloud the food necessary for my joy.
C Bobin “Prisoner in the cradle”



have the swallows disappeared?

perhaps they have passed into another plane, where the poet finds joy…
that is why they are less present in the sky



as for us, humans in vibratory migration,

we are simultaneously navigating in several dimensions, oscillating between two realities
we are propelled towards a full expression of ourselves here in the physical world.