a common vibratory field, singular frequencies           a living web


       a murmuration of starlings, © gifs.com

The whole creates a super-organism capable of collecting information more efficiently and increasing the survival of individuals.
The whole group benefits from information that each of its members provides, but to which it would not have access alone.

Guy Théraulaz, le Journal du Dimanche



group, troop

an organism, a system, a body and their organisation          an ecosystem, a family
composition and assembly          a work of art, a wine

pavement, San Marco, Venice         Paul Signac, Notre Dame de la Garde


what brings harmony and coherence
the string quartet: four four-stringed instruments in tune to form a single sixteen-stringed instrument


Mozart, string quartet n° 19, Mosaïques quartet




one with the other
hand in hand
in concert



self and others

being oneself and with others          alone vs. isolated and fully truly with
autonomous and in relationship
with self and others          relational weaving


   © Noma Bar


in solidarity
people who respond to each other
responsible, associated, interdependent

the interrelated parts of a mechanism


   © MC Escher, sky and water



being together


                                                                                                                                                                © Giphy