a little immersive experiment as we enter the summer 


you can let go of your (strongly/weakly) defined identity as an individual
turn off your conceptual/strategic/methodic/practical/empirical/intuitive/analogical/…. mind
(tick as is relevant) even if it is foggy and empty

consider yourself a cell in the tissue of your community, a small unit that is part of the body of humanity and operates jointly with it

like every single cell in your body contributes in its own way to the bodily balance (homeostasis), so does your consciousness perceive the world and interact with it in its unique way and this makes a difference in the overall balance (harmony) of humanity

whether you are alone or with other people, when sitting, walking, doing something or interacting with people and things, feel that you are moving in a common space, a continuum that changes and evolves constantly with the energy exchanges taking place within it

your body becomes your base and reference point, your skin your main sensory organ and your felt sense the navigating tool for instant or delayed response

when emotions arise  (yours or other peoples’) you will ride their waves and acknowledge how deeply your environment impacts on you, and similarly recognise how much the emotions you experience (your mind is turned off) modify your environment as well

you don’t have to analyse/make sense of what is going on, but it is useful for you to have a first hand experience of the interconnectedness of our reality

allow the movements, be aware of the sensations, feelings and emotions
the forms may be chaotic, with disruptive energies causing turmoil and overwhelm
sometimes people will bring you back to balance, sometimes they will push your buttons and so will you also influence them

you can shift from a self-centred ego based awareness of yourself as a distinct and separate being (individual) to a self-centred (unified) sense of the collective body experienced from your belly button (humanity as a whole)


have fun !