small steps that reset you instantly, when you get off balance

pick one of more as inspired


centered in your heart
affirm ‘I am the centre of all that is’, ‘I am the Universe’ and
feel its versatile ever-changing density


one hand moving freely and randomly,
then entire body joining in gradually
touch the space around  you and sense the
and interactions through skin contact 


breathe in the entire limitless field of consciousness
hold it lovingly within
breathe out the entire limitless field of consciousness
hold it  lovingly without


heart based, allow alignment with
the heart of the Earth, galactic centre, Source
and listen to and follow resonance


focused on cellular level of body
feel individual cells expanding and retracting
interactions between cells
flow and freedom of movement in intercellular space


standing in open space
catch soap bubbles all around you
see them vanish whilst
myriads of new ones keep appearing


run one finger on any part of your skin
in a continuous contact
drawing little inwards flowing spirals


breathing in, allow your chest to expand infinitely
short hold, focus on space within
breathing out, feel light pouring into your heart
from all directions and being absorbed by it
short hold, feel slight bodily release


light breathing : breathe in light
the universe’s gift to you 
breathe out light
your gift to the universe


settled in heart cakra
invite 3rd and 5th cakra to balance
and align with heart frequency
then do the same with 2nd and 6th cakra
1st and 7th cakra
Earth star and Soul star
then all (known and unknown) cakra


take small sips of clear water
pausing before swallowing
and feel the magic operating in your body


chant A-O-I-E-U on long soft out breaths 
sensing the vibrations of sounds in your body and beyond


have fun, it’s a game