happy new year 2022 !


the new Moon last night (at 6:33pm GMT on 2 January) was discrete and furtive
it was the end of the eclipse season (wormhole) which covered the solstice in a thick veil, whilst everything was happening behind the scenes

two months in the soup or your head in a box or … naively/obstinately perpetuating the forms of a world that don’t exist any more
anyway, we endured the powerful kneading of all that we hold in our belly, the best and the worst (an intensive and exhausting detox)


now we are out of the hole

last night there was a freshness in the air, a sense of familiarity and intimacy, something had changed, it was soft and soothing, I was feeling alive and i was coming back to myself

this morning you can come back to life too and let yourself open up (ignoring the lead weight of slump and negativity)

change your gaze, widen your perception, it then becomes more unclear and several planes appear simultaneously, it is something that you do spontaneously sometimes

practice being aware of what is (which you call reality) and also what is behind/beneath/within/all around (depending on how you look)

to realise that

  • the jail is within
  • the threat is within
  • the defence is within

all perfectly integrated to the point that they are part of you (what you are identified with)


just out of the hole

in the fresh morning air, be curious of what is around you, feel the light, the day, nature, what moves you and let them open you to yourself
let your eyes go wide, breathe deeply and reconnect with the LIFE that your ARE (whatever they say and whatever happens)


we are not out of the woods yet, but we are sovereign consciousnesses and nothing and no-one can annihilate us