a glimpse of the seminar held in St Claude, Jura, France on 13-15 March 2020
paradise is a state of being
whenever we experience a paradisiac state, what surrounds us enters in coherence and tends to harmonise spontaneously
this is therefore a major key to balance complex systems such as the planet, humanity, organisations, the human body … but also to synchronise dimensions, levels and planes of existence in the shift we are going through




a calling, a sense of urgency, the urge to choose unity (a vibration plane)
most essential = living by the law of love
another relation to ourselves, to others and the world
affirming the power of life irrespective of the forms of life


time, rhythm 

entering into paradise together for the first time just before lockdown
the experience of a sluice, the unified space of the transition from all that was before and what happened since
slowing down, like suspended, a different breath, a different perception of reality



the first changes in the way we gesture, move and express our feelings, some restraint
a foreseen anticipated expected ? withdrawal    a sudden ineluctable halt, both expected /dreaded
tension, with a tendency to invest mentally in the emotional turmoil
little awareness of the extent of what is has been set into motion when it all starts



finding the unique geometry and harmony of a group, anchoring it into a site and landscape
taking care of the interpersonal and collective network
attuning with one another, keeping the standard and frequency together


in retrospect
nothing will be the same again !

the course of things
life as we had it has gone
the post-lockdown is trickier, navigating uncertainty is challenging
there is no illusion about coming back to normal (abnormal)

more subtle
there IS paradise, we can visit its often, again and again
its frequency (= vibratory level), the key to unity in eternal present