a glimpse of the webinar held on 12-14 June 2020
paradise is a state of being
whenever we experience a paradisiac state, what surrounds us enters in coherence and tends to harmonise spontaneously
this is therefore a major key to balance complex systems such as the planet, humanity, organisations, the human body … but also to synchronise dimensions, levels and planes of existence in the shift we are going through



our part in the change


what we are going through currently is a long story, which is well known and not known at all

we are actors, we are not responsible for the screenplay or staging

we have accepted/chosen to be part of this production, therefore to carry out certains functions

we are qualified for these positions by our personal abilities and talents (roles are not interchangeable)

the success of the production depends on all partners involved in it, their individual contribution is essential to the global realisation (if somebody is missing, something goes wrong or must be covered my somebody else)

the production is a synergy, each partner is a decision maker in his own field, he is co-responsible for the final outcome

all partners are sovereign and autonomous in the common endeavour. They take responsibility for themselves and there function (visible or not)

their contribution is essentially perfect. Eventual weaknesses result from loss of alignment (rightness) and frequency (level)


  • which part of the production are you involved in ?
  • what are your specific talents ?
  • do you really own them ?
  • how can you perfect them and make them more uniquely yours ?