two spots in the garden of paradise which we have already visited

the spring space (virtues of the lockdown)
there we discovered
joy, calmness, simplicity, stillness, fullness, beauty
but also density, intensity, all sorts of feelings
a potential, exchanges, common games
our personal signature, attuning, reconnecting and trying to maintain the connection
birthing something new, a reminiscence, actually


transition and parenthesis

change of plane, as summer approaches !
the solstice gateway
death and rebirth, pulsating, uplifting, leaving darkness behind, no escape

the new : discern-acknowledge-unify, luminous and supported
as resistance and rejection give in gradually, a vortex and an ascending spiral which resolves the opposition on another plane

the highest frequency always tends to unify and harmonise all that it contains


summer : an entire season suspended, in brackets

settling and separation of the worlds
seaquakes from the deepest of ourselves, purging and cleansing, purification
we walk on eggshells, a precarious time, sensitive and precious as well
nothing much appears on the surface, a lot is going on underneath
the illusion of forms is preserved
but another vibration is perceptible


the autumnal space (expanded from the balance point to the equinox)

irremovable, unalterable, intensity, lightness
supported by what is happening
a vast and coherent energy field
consciousness and assertiveness : I AM HERE
consent, the YES, that attests unity
high presence, quintessence emanating from Self
richness and vulnerability


the autumn will be an initiation

going through the eye of a needle
where the diagonals consciousness-heart and mind-body intersect
quartering AND opening

  • take support on what is
  • utilise instability to move and evolve
  • cultivate the state of unity
  • co-create your reality
  • surrender to higher force