the final meeting of the paradise cycle, 15-17 January 2021

another season in hell/in paradise in 2020
quick notes jotted down, some feedback to the feelings shared by participants
outlines of some lines of force



impact from the outside world, decisions, disillusions, absurdity, inconsequences, explosive climate
lack of distance, time, clarity

reality is not how we perceive it
we are and learn to live in a multiple world (we are also part of other worlds and dimensions)
we are disturbed, shaken, triggered in what used to be our reality until recently (this is part of the ascension process)


fear and anger (all) emotions in a loop, mixed up or recurring emotions, yoyo
somatisation due to disempowerment, lack of stillness, peace, etc.

our bodies keep traces of all forms (harmful, obsolete, programmed or not) that have crystallised in our psyche (mind-heart)
the purge endured at the end of last year (before and after the solstice, see transmissions during the meditations) has been continuing to dislodge/eliminate/bring to light what in us is not aligned with our eternal being  (no, we are not who WE ARE!)
any unease, disease, pain, condition … is an expression of it
the return to harmony won’t happen via our usual avoidance or sugarcoating  strategies, but by tuning and aligning with ourselves (resonance is simple elegant and true )
the time it takes for a physical condition to heal depends on how long it’s been there and on the (conscious or unconscious) attachment to maintain the status quo


fragile balance, lack of contacts, isolation/loneliness endured/wanted
self-confidence, trust in the process

remoteness, social distancing, lack of spontaneous contacts cause suffering for the heart, which feeds on the exchange in relationships and communication
yet this emotional deprivation helps us to nurture the fabric of subtile connections and common creations more consciously and deliberately. This subtile conter-part of communication is not only precious, but also essential to emerging synergies born from the vibrations of more elevated emotions, which reveal the sublime in us


psychological slump, mental confusion, stubbornness, intolerance
conflicts, acceptation

what is most difficult is to let go of convictions (ideas, certainties, opinions or viewpoints ) as references of our truth
whatever is different can potentially trigger us and activate our defences (judgment, criticism, rejection)
reality is a lot more complex than it seems, and what appears of the surface (the experienced scene) often has little/nothing to do with the energetics and modalities of the experience we are going through
we can consider any kind of conflict, of no-connection with somebody or not being heard/accepted for who we are a mirror of our inner conflicts, of our lack of intimacy with ourselves and a lack of acceptance and unconditional respect of what we are (where we are at vs who we truly are)
regarding this topic, facing the collective transition is our best barometer : where we are in trouble, there something in us definitely needs attention


all mental games and defence mechanisms, received ideas and attachment
all seen and acknowledge … and nothing changes

the traps are effective and avoidance well-rehearsed
all seen and acknowledged, but not thwarted. As long as our mind rules our lives, we will be enslaved. We will never experience peace nor lasting joy, we will never be ourselves
at the moment of truth, despite the suffering, some is complacency remains, we want to think, reflect, understand … a complete illusion !
what really matters in our lives is the experience we have of them (the countless snapshots) and not necessarily to understand and put things in/outside the box
(we don’t know the script of the film, nor its title)


control, violences (self)inflicted/endured

control will be the last bastion to fall, it is so invested, validated and highly valued !
what would happen if we stopped managing our lives ? apart from organising essential logistics (survival, wellbeing), so many things go by unnoticed, due to our insistance to plan, program, hold, endure, aim at ever distant goals, it is shockingly painful really
there are dictatorships in the world, also because we persist in being the tyrans of our lives (and of our relatives and community). We are addicted to violence (including when we can’t bear it), because we don’t know/respect who we are. We suffer and inflict suffering (one and the same thing) because we are not ourselves


frequencies (high and low)

it goes up and down, that’s how it is ! as long as we are alive we live together with this four body system (spiritual-mental-emotional-physical) which changes constantly in contact with the matter of life
we better learn to surf (on snow, water, ascending streams)… and let  go of any concept of stability (change is the only …)

… going up and down in frequency also means going through a large bandwidth of frequencies, like a … to paint our lives in a thousand colours … remember we chose to be  human for the richness of the experience, particularly for the emotions



the situation in early February
as of today everything/nothing has changed
the current problems are still the same
in a way, our (personal/collective) cleansing is not complete, we are still in the process of shedding skin
the show on the global scene remains a mirror of our personal transformations